The T-WALL® Advantage

From design through construction, put our 20 years of experience in retaining wall design, project management, precast manufacturing, and construction to work for you.
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Reduced Excavation
When compared to soil reinforced retaining wall systems, T-WALL's shorter base width saves on excavation and reduces the right-of-way required for construction.

Select Backfill Savings
Shorter stem lengths decrease the amount of select backfill. The all-concrete precast units eliminate most soil chemistry/corrosion concerns and allow the use of non-standard, economical backfills.
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Structural Options
T-WALL can easily accommodate top-of-wall structures such as: traffic barriers, guardrails, fences, sidewalks, and ditches. Drainage structures are located between the stems and modified units allow pipes to pass through the walls.
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Ease of Construction
The all-concrete precast units are self-supporting and require no temporary bracing during construction. Most T-WALL units weigh less than 3000 pounds and can be placed with equipment that is often already on site. With minimal instruction, even inexperienced crews can erect a wall quickly and accurately. This means that for small projects, highway and railroad maintenance crews can easily install T-WALL units without the need for an outside contractor, thus saving time and administrative costs.
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