Material Supply

The Neel Company supplies the following materials:
  • Reinforced concrete T-WALL units
  • Horizontal and vertical joint material
  • Concrete shear keys
Design - These components are designed in accordance with the applicable contract specifications, such as:
  • State DOT
Allowable stress designs (ASD) or load resistance factor designs (LRFD) can be provided.

Standards - The materials comply with applicable standards such as ACI and ASTM.

Fabricators - Precast concrete fabricators are licensed and pre-qualified by The Neel Company. We work with fabricators throughout North America. This provides cost efficiencies for the owner's administration and inspection, and for the contractor's scheduling and shipping.

Backfill Material - All backfill material is supplied by the Contractor. Select backfill between the stems must meet the specifications in the contract and/or shop drawings. See the General and Railroad Design sections for select backfill options.