Design Engineering

Preliminary Design and Budgeting Assistance - In the early stages of a project, we provide preliminary designs and estimated quantities of wall area and select backfill, as well as a preliminary estimated price for the installation of the wall, to allow you to determine if the scope of the proposed wall fits within your project's budget.

Sealed Drawings and Internal Stability Calculations - Once the scope of the wall has been finalized, we provide signed and sealed design drawings and internal stability calculations. These drawings can be included in the project's contract plans.

Shop Drawings for Fabrication - After approval of the design drawings and calculations, we provide the precaster with fully detailed peice drawings showing rebar and dimensions for all precast elements.

Geotechnical and Structural Review - We can review geotechnical reports for the project to assist in identifying potential problems with the foundation of the wall, ground water conditions, etc. We will work with the project's geotechnical engineer to provide solutions to any problems found.

Interface T-WALL with Existing and Proposed Structures - During the design phase of the project, we can work with the project's engineers to develop and design interfaces between T-WALL and other structures are properly detailed so as to minimize problems during the construction phase.

Design of Special Units - During the design phase we will design all necessary special units in order to accommodate such things as utilities, existing structures, site geometry, and parapets.