Construction Assistance and Coordination

Preconstruction Advice and Technical Know-How - Our 20 years of practical experience with building T-WALL structures, as well as construction in general, allow us to provide advice and suggestions that can increase the speed and efficiency of construction.

Construction Sequencing Assistance - We can work with the contractor to determine the best method for constructing the T-WALL, and coordinate with the precaster to ensure the units are cast in the order in which they are needed.

On-site Training at the Start of the Project - T-WALL structures are relatively easy to construct, however there are a few tips and techniques that lead to efficient construction and an aesthetically pleasing finished product. To this end, we provide on-site training for the construction crew at the start of the project.

On-going Communication Throughout Construction - We are available throughout the entire construction process to assist with any questions or problems associated with the T-WALL structure.